I operate at the following hospitals as an accredited panel doctor…


Hirslanden AndreasKlinik, Cham

The AndreasKlinik Cham Zug stands for comprehensive basic medical and surgical care in a comfortable hotel atmosphere. As a listed hospital we are open to patients of all insurance categories.
With 56 beds, the AndreasKlinik has a manageable size that guarantees patients personal care and individual attention.

My practice is located on the premises of the clinic, which is not a minute’s walk away.


Hirslanden Clinic Im Park

The Clinic Im Park of the Hirslanden Group is idyllically situated on the left bank of Lake Zurich. The clinic offers highly specialised medicine and a state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Semi-private and private patients are admitted – patients who, in addition to highly professional treatment, can also enjoy the advantages of first-class gastronomy and hotels.


Hirslanden Clinic, Zurich

Klinik Hirslanden is a modern Zurich private clinic and belongs to Hirslanden, the leading private clinic group in Switzerland. The modern infrastructure and the medical expertise of the doctors and staff have for many years determined the way we operate and our philosophy to ensure that you feel completely at ease.


The practice is located in a small building on the premises of the Hirslanden – AndreasKlinik in Cham, which is only a minute’s walk away from the practice.

For diagnostics we use the services of the radiology department of the clinic for:

  • CT – the computer tomography
  • MRI – the magnetic resonance imaging
  • PET-CT also is the Positron Emission Computed Tomography for imaging metabolic processes
  • X-Ray

The medical laboratory of the AndreasKlinik is at our disposal for chemical and biological examinations.


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Location on the premises of the Andreas Clinic in Cham

Reception area