Leading Medicine Guide: Dr. med. Hani Oweira: Visceral surgery under the microscope

21. April 2021

Abdominal surgery is a highly complex matter: visceral surgery affects our intestines – and thus the entire gastrointestinal tract.

An interview report by Alexandra Pfitzmann

Tagensanzeiger: Operation: Rich Foreigners

07.Dezember 2019

Switzerland Tourism wants to attract wealthy Arabs and Russians to the country for medical treatment. Surgeon Hani Oweira explains what this is all about. By Christian Zürcher, Tagesanzeiger Surgeon Hani Oweira explains what it is about. By Christian Zürcher, Tagesanzeiger

Blick: Psycho Pills Generate Hernia

30. August 2018

After his appendectomy Lian (17) had severe pain. But the doctors labelled him a nutcase and prescribed psychotropic drugs Today it is clear: Lian had two hernias and a scar hernia.

By Anian Heierli, Blick

20Minuten: . Hani Oweira: «Saved lives are the greatest reward»

28.Dezember 2017

Hani Oweira (38) studied medicine in Aleppo. Now the top surgeon operates in Switzerland – and fights racism among colleagues.

By Stefan Ehrbar, 20Minuten

Blick: Why heat did not help the supercooled

May 01, 2018

Victims with severe hypothermia are often in a comatose state . Only in hospital can they be declared dead. Surgeon Hani Oweira (38) explains how doctors fight against the freezing death of their patients.

By Christian Zürcher, Tagesanzeiger

20Minuten: The most beautiful Christmas present

December 25, 2017

By Olivier Leu, 20Minutes – A surgeon performed an emergency operation on a patient in Cham on Christmas night. The 90-year-old helped him with her will to live.

BLICK: Zurich doctors left a metal plate in a patient’s stomach…

September 28, 2017

For three years K. J. (49) lived with a metal plate in the shape of a size 44 shoe sole in her stomach. The doctors had apparently forgotten the metal piece during an operation – and dismissed K. J.’s pain as psychosomatic.

Helena Schmid, Blick

Bild: “The case is unique in Europe” Surgeon removes 10-kilo testicles

May 09, 2017

Zurich (Switzerland) – For years a Swiss patient did not go to the doctor despite a hernia. The result: almost 80 percent of his intestine slid into the testicles – and the testicles swelled up to a 10 kilo monster.

Weltwoche: From Aleppo to Cham

January 11, 2017

The doctor Hani Oweira comes from Syria, believes in Allah – and is the last hope of many Swiss cancer patients.
By Alex Reichmuth, Weltwoche

BLICK: Zurich surgeon removes 10-kilogram testicles “80 percent of the intestines were in the sack”

May 08, 2017

For fear of injections, the family man never went to the doctor Until today: “Now a new life begins for me.”

Anian Heierli, Blick