For a lot of people, 2020 was considered a fundamentally bad year following a series of unfortunate events, the chief of which is the widespread of the novel coronavirus that needs to further introduction..

And even though people might be optimistic about what 2021 is going to bring, there is actually no guarantee that it is going to be any different.. But don’t lose hope yet! There could be things that YOU can do to make 2021 a much better and happier period of time!
It is said that life is only partially what happens around you, but it is mostly the way you react to external events and internal thoughts.. To make things easier, try setting a new year resolution to make a personal change or a difference in your life!.. We will help you by giving you few simple tips and advice on how you can make 2021 a healthier and a happier time of your life!

First, write down your goals.. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or to start a new activity, don’t keep that idea trapped inside your head.. And share it with others for encouragement and motivation!

Second, be realistic about your new year resolution.. Trying to be more active or to quit smoking is a healthy decision to make. While setting an unattainable goal is just setting yourself up for failure.. Make sure you set reasonable goals that you are capable of doing.

Third, make one change at a time! Focus on one goal and stick to it. Take control of one habit before moving on to the next, otherwise you might end up failing them all.

Don’t forget to reward yourself.. Positive reinforcement can be a very strong motivational tool that keeps you on track.. Treat yourself as you take more steps towards reaching your goal!

And finally, don’t give up.. Change happens through consistent and small efforts which might be difficult to observe and appreciate.. Making a change often involves setbacks, but those are never a reason to give up on your goals!

The ‘New Year Resolution’ doesn’t need to start by January 1st.. Take the initiative now and start the change.. It’s up to you to move to 2021 on a healthier and a happier foundation!
A positive message from Dr.Oweira Platform..