In 1997, the journey begins..

Dr.oweira started his career in the medical school of Aleppo, Syria, and started his training in visceral surgery in 2004, Germany. Soon, he held positions as a visceral and consultant surgeon in Berlin, Heidelberg and Zürich.

Through having gained over 20 years of practice and over 7 professional memberships and titles from American and European boards and societies, Dr.oweira believed that medical care goes beyond providing holistic and sympathetic healthcare to spreading awareness and engaging the community with current medical issues through medical publications, lectures and workshops.

Since we’re living in the digital age, Dr.oweira’s platform was first introduced in 2015 to provide relevant health tips and advice to the online community. Since then, Dr.oweira’s social media channels have reached millions of users across the world.

From Dr.oweira original series to the medical journal, content is created everyday in a multi-language interface covering medical information, helpful videos on the health of the colon and the internal organs.. Even comics and funny pages are designed to interact with the audience via the official website of Dr.Oweira platform.

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