Despite unprecedented social progress around the world, social exclusion and discrimination remain fundamental problems in the world today. As racial discrimination occurs on many levels and in a variety of contexts, the healthcare sector continues to witness extreme acts of discrimination on a daily basis.

Racial discrimination in the healthcare sector is a complicated issue. Even though doctors take an oath to treat all patients equally, the reality is different as certain groups of patients might get different treatment based on factors such as race, gender, ethnicity or religion; Even subconscious prejudices present a real barrier to healthcare for people that are socially disadvantaged. Moreover, bigotry expressed towards doctors and nurses of ethnic minorities is also considered a form of racism and discrimination that interfere with our commitment to health as a human right.

The struggles of one marginalized community are struggles of all of us. To that end, this is a call to address racism and discrimination in healthcare sectors as medicine is for all of us, doctors, providers and patients.